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I bet you didn’t know I had a Tumblr blog. Well I do and I love it. If you aren’t familiar with Tumblr, it works similar to this blog where new posts are on top and you can scroll through, etc, but it’s different because you can look through everyone else’s Tumblr blogs, search by keywords, follow other users posts, and reblog other users content. It’s sort of like a big blog that everyone shares. And share they do! Photos, videos, text, links, and audio.
My blog is photos (of course), all taken while I’m out and about, and all with my iPhone. I wanted a way to capture and share little things that I find interesting in my day to day life without the need to lug around my pro camera or go through the task of downloading images and overwhelming this blog with (sometimes) daily posts. So all I have to do is snap and post right from my phone and it’s there instantly for anyone to see.
A little magic from me to you.
So go visit: Wanderings, of a NYC photographer.

3 thoughts on “A fun way to share

  1. Thanks for the photos. Love the orange beetle. Don’t know the exact year but the flat windshield and bumper design mark it as a mid-to-late 60’s model.

  2. Gordy,
    If you notice underneath the image, it states that it was reblogged or shared from another user. I wish I saw it in real life. It’s quite possibly the most amazing staircase ever!
    After a little digging, I discovered it is is located in the Musée national Gustave Moreau in Paris, which was his apartment at one time. So next time you’re there, put it on your must see list!

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