Chefs of World Leaders Feed New York Hungry

A partnership between the Intercontinental New York Barclay Hotel and the St. Francis Xavier Mission in Chelsea invited the Le Club de Chefs de Chefs (the governing organization for chefs to Heads of States) to feed the hungry in New York City.  21 chefs in total cooked and served a menu with the theme “Fit for Royalty”, designed around comfort food from the world’s first families.  Approximately 200 people from the community came out to fill up what was surely one of the better meals they’ve eaten at a soup kitchen.


4 thoughts on “Chefs of World Leaders Feed New York Hungry

  1. It is so so cool that you got to meet and photog these very talented Chefs. Great pics as usual Megan!

  2. Nice job.Perfect shoots.My dad (Machindra kasture) are so happy to see the photographs.

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