First urban exploration-Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn

So I’ve been interested in urban exploration for some time now and never really have the opportunity to engage in it.  I made a trek to this park in February and delightfully stumbled on an open gate to one of the abandoned airplane hangers in the park.  I explored for about 2 hours and have never had an adrenaline rush like that in my life and I can’t wait to have another.  Additionally, my digital camera was in the shop so I brought my old trusty 35mm along.  Not having the instant gratification of digital made this adventure even better because I had to wait to get the film processed and it was like reliving it days later.

***DISCLAIMER*** Yeah you knew it was coming.  Urban exploration can be inherently dangerous.  Never go alone and inform someone at home where you will be.  Always wear a dust mask or respirator since the air in abandoned places is most likely thick with poisons like asbestos.  You will mostly likely be breaking a law by entering a location like trespassing or breaking and entering.  Urban exploration is for discovering and documenting beautiful forgotten spaces, not for vandalization or graffiti.  Some things to consider before partaking.  Ok, I’m done.

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