Hurricane Sandy

It’s been a little surreal around these parts.  I feel like I’ve been living in the NY bubble more so than usual.  My neighborhood was mostly spared, aside from some downed trees.  I obviously can’t say the same for thousands of others.  Below is just a sampling of what life has been like the past week.

Being confined to traveling by bicycle, my exposure to the tragedy has been limited.  But I was determined to make myself useful and I found Occupy Sandy NYC.  This group took it upon themselves to mobilize quickly and effectively in getting urgently needed food and supplies to victims.  You can read more about the amazing work they are doing here and here.  I showed up to help and within 20 minutes I had loaded a volunteers van assigned to Coney Island with food and cleaning supplies and was on my way there with 5 strangers.  I hope to get out to either Staten Island or The Rockaways sometime this week.

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