Boarding an overnight train. There is a complicated system of sleeping/seating classes. Prices range from about $0.15 to $50 and therefore is able to transport all classes of people.

Incredible India – North

I know it sounds cliche but it’s really the best way to describe India. Incredible.

My experience is very hard to put into words. You can sit in the same spot all day and have 1000 stories to tell about what you saw. India was so many things-noisy, crowded, oh so dirty, but also bright and colorful, culturally fascinating and delightfully friendly and welcoming. It was the people that made it so special. Their warm hospitality, curiosity, open-mindedness, and endless cups of chai made me feel like anything but a stranger in a strange land.

I spent almost a month traveling around to various places in the North and Southwest. I took almost every form of transportation known to man- train, car, plane, bus, rickshaw, boat, bicycle, camel. Sorry but I did not ride an elephant (due to the cruel practice of “Phajaan” otherwise known as breaking the spirit-look it up and have tissues handy), but I met a few along the way. And yes, there really are cows in the streets.

I’ve split up the photos from this adventure into 2 posts, North and South (coming soon). Mainly because I just couldn’t narrow them down any further (I shot 5000 images!) and because these places are so very different from each other. The North is more crowded, poverty is more obvious and life seems more difficult whereas the South is more financially well-off and life moves at a slower pace.

Here is Delhi, Udaipur (“The White City”), Jaisalmer (“The Golden City”), Jaipur (“The Pink City”), and my personal favorite, Varanasi (one of the oldest cities on Earth and the most holy for Hindus). I’ve captioned each image for more information.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles” – Tim Cahill


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