Incredible India – South

I spent almost half of my trip in the Southwest of India in the state of Kerala, along the coast. It is very, very different than the North (see previous post). It is predominantly Christian as opposed to Hindu, has a different language and even a different political system. As a result of Communist rule in the mid-20th century and continuing Socialist policies, it has free universal education and healthcare, 100% literacy rate, cooperative working conditions, and a very low poverty rate. People just seemed more at ease and life was more laid back. It was a fascinating juxtaposition to experience after exploring the North.

I too moved slower while I was here, poking around fishing villages and wandering through mountains and tea plantations. I slept in a treehouse, met an elephant in the road, reluctantly ate food with my hands, paddled a canoe, learned new ways of fishing, and met kind-hearted souls along the way.

Here is Ft. Kochi, Munnar, Mararikulam, and Alappuzha.

“You will travel in a land of marvels.” ~ Jules Verne

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