Is this stealing?

So I somehow stumbled upon this site with a large collection of my Flickr images.  Now I am flattered to know that someone out in internet land thinks my work is worthy of the title of “world’s best photos” but that doesn’t give him/her any right to take them from my Flickr collection and put them somewhere else-specifically since my Flickr © is set to “All Rights Reserved“, not “Creative Commons” or otherwise.  According the the author of, the site is a “data mining tool” (works like Google where it trolls websites for keywords and then links users to the original content) and only contains thumbnails of my images that link to the actual file on Flickr.   But the author goes on to state that he accepts donations for maintaining the site.  Now in my somewhat informed knowledge of copyright laws, that would mean that he is making money off of my (and many others) work, which would make him a copyright infringer.

But I think this site may fall into a gray area or falls under “fair use“.  There is a recent lawsuit against Google for doing pretty much the same thing.  That being said, out of all the ways my pics could be illegally used, this one seems pretty harmless.

I wonder what everyone’s opinion is on the matter.  But lets not make this an arguement about Flickr itself.  That’s a whole other beast best left for another post.

One thought on “Is this stealing?

  1. Again megan some very good photography but am somewhat bothered that people can take photo’s off the site and claim them as they’re own.

    To those that have or do you are nothing but THIEVES

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