I’ve taken the plunge

So, I’ve been told over and over I’m supposed to have a blog.  Here it is.  Excited yet?

It will be a photoblog of sorts.  I plan on posting new work I’m doing plus pics that I need to remove from my Flickr page b/c they’re probably getting stolen over there.  You can see my portfolio here: http://meganmartinphoto.com.  In addition, if I find other people’s stuff I really like, I’ll share it with their permission.

Special thanks to Joe Pietruch for getting this wordpress stuff to work- http://www.jp-design.net/

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “I’ve taken the plunge

  1. I’m your father, so I’m not even sure what a blog is or its purpose but If it’s to tell a story and get info on your topic then I’m sure that if those walls could talk!! and if the right people see it you could get some history from those in the past. Good Job

  2. You are a remarkable and gifted young woman. Belated Happy Birthday and much love from home.

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