Kindred Spirits

I recently and serendipitously stumbled into a gig shooting for the New York Post. Last week they gave me, the ultimate cat lady, the most appropriate assignment; to photograph a woman who is leash training her cat. Lindsay and her cat, Jameson, met me in Fort Tryon Park for a little afternoon stroll.
Needless to say, I am now leash training my own cat. For the record, you can teach an old cat new tricks.

<click to enlarge>

20150808_MeganMartin_NYP_Pets_CatOnLeash_0020 20150808_MeganMartin_NYP_Pets_CatOnLeash_0042 20150808_MeganMartin_NYP_Pets_CatOnLeash_0142 20150808_MeganMartin_NYP_Pets_CatOnLeash_0383 20150808_MeganMartin_NYP_Pets_CatOnLeash_0543


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