Montauk, NY

I’m so lucky to live within a short drive of this amazing place.  At the very tip of Long Island, this quiet town (after the summer rush anyway) likes to call itself “The End”.  I got to enjoy a long relaxing weekend of beach camping, yummy seafood, horse rides, and wonderful company.

3 thoughts on “Montauk, NY

  1. As a child, my dad use to take us to the point and we would literally climb down on the rocks into the water at the furthest most eastern point of New York and look up at the Lighthouse with the surf pounding all around us.
    I had a little brother who was deathly afraid of the loud foghorn that would come from the lighthouse at times. What a beautiful place.
    Nice pics, especially like the one that’s the curve of the horses back with the sky in the background.

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