Morton Street

Mrs. Nolan was recently placed into a nursing home because she could no longer care for herself.  She has lived in her West Village apartment for over 60 years.  Her son has now been burdened with the task of sorting through her belongings;  relics and knickknacks of a life gone by.  He only wants to keep one thing-a painting of a Victorian woman who he says reminds him of his mother.  Whatever belongings the family doesn’t want to keep for themselves will end up on the sidewalk for trash collection.  One person’s existence left for people to pick through.

Eddie is Mrs. Nolan’s great-grandson.  He wants to be a soldier when he grows up.

2 thoughts on “Morton Street

  1. Megan, you are a talented artist. I just read Mrs. Nolans entire adult life in those 16 photo’s. You have the ability to capture more than just an inanimate object in your photography. There is such character and clarity that I can read into the photograph not only what the item was, but how often it was used, or cared for and what it’s value in life was to Mrs. Nolan.
    In Little Eddie, it is obvious that he misses his favoritist old person in all the world and he was probably great gramma’s most cherished being.
    It was nice to see that her life included a few modern convienences, such as he boombox style radio and the window air conditioner.
    Keep up the good work Megan. I really enjoy your work!
    Gordy K, Downtown Taunton

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