615 Costa Rica 6.2012

Pura Vida, Costa Rica

This is the national slogan of Costa Rica, which translates to “Pure Life” or “Full of life” for you non Spanish speakers.

It was a trip full of firsts (snorkeling), and lasts (ziplining).  The first time I ever went abroad years ago, I was asked upon my return “what was the most important thing you took away?”  I make a point to answer this question for myself every time I travel now.  For this trip, I’d have to say it is the simplicity with which the Costa Rican people live their everyday lives.  A lot of the trip was spent in a car and while I don’t find that ideal, it did make me notice that no matter how many different towns I passed through, life carried on much the same way for most people.  Homes are held together with whatever material seemed to be available; Kids and dogs play in the streets; Front doors are left open; Food is fresh, local, and simple.  Pura Vida is more than a slogan here.  It was a refreshing change from what is mostly a self-absorbed existence in the US.

Looking for your next adventure?  Go visit a land of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen; learn where some of your food comes from and meet the people that grow it; maybe swim with blowfish.  I recommend the roadside coconuts.

“The world is a great book…they who never stir from home read only a page.”-St. Augustine



3 thoughts on “Pura Vida, Costa Rica

  1. All are special photos in there own way, but the cloud top is beyond speech,love it
    glad you had an enjoyable trip other than the zip line!!

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