Some long overdue work from New Orleans

Yeah it’s been a while, I know.  I’ve been itching to show this work for a while.  I went on a road trip in April and one of the stops included New Orleans.  Well no trip to the Big Easy is complete without a visit to the Lower Ninth Ward.

One would think some significant progress has been made 2 1/2 years after Hurricane Katrina left her footprint.  Well, it hasn’t.  There are houses here and there that have been rebuilt or are in the process of being rehabilitated.  But for the other 90% of the area, you’d think Katrina happened last week.  Homes and lives have been abandoned.  Personal belongings litter the floors, grass is overgrown,  mold crawls up the walls.  The spray paint tags of rescuers are still prominent and are painful reminders of lives senselessly lost.  The number in the bottom quadrant is the number of bodies found on the premises.

Seeing images on tv can’t do justice to seeing the destruction for yourself-not that the news even talks about it anymore.  An office complex several miles from the river has water lines on the 3rd story.  Business are shuttered.  I’m sure that is the only time in my life I will see a Wal-Mart parking lot without a single car and weeds growing in the pavement cracks.  It’s a ghost town in an otherwise thriving metropolis.  The lives that time forgot.

One thought on “Some long overdue work from New Orleans

  1. These pictures are awesome Megan. It is so sad to see. Your excellent writing compliments these excellent pictures.

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