258 Road Trip 5-6.10

Southern road trip

It turns out that Atlanta is a ghost town on a holiday weekend. I guess that makes for good abandoned urban landscapes. There’s a little bit of Savannah and Charleston too. They were slightly more interesting places. Honestly I’m not particularly crazy about any of these images but here they are nonetheless.

4 thoughts on “Southern road trip

  1. The shot of your sister’s hair blowing in the open driver’s side window is terrific. The sunlight and shadow make it a winner. I also enjoyed the abandoned streetscape with the two sets of power lines at different elevations. Nice picture. Where was it?

  2. I didn’t see the cat till my second look too! That place (South of the Border) is a 45 minute drive from my parents & sister- yet another reason I wish I could have come along! Thanks for sharing the photos

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