The Emerald Isle

I sat down to the Sunday New York Times and was greeted with this article.  It inspired me to dig out my own work from my long ago trip to Ireland.  The authors reasons for visiting somewhat mirrored my own, as I think they do for most.  Even though I am several generations removed from my Irish roots, there is a inherent curiosity in all of us to discover where our people come from.


4 thoughts on “The Emerald Isle

  1. At last!! I have been waiting for years to see these again. Although I love all your work and look forward to seeing your new work I believe your photos from the old sod are some of your best!! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest.

  2. I doubt there will be more. I went through the few thousand frames I shot and I think this about sums it up. But who knows, maybe I’ll get to go back someday.

  3. 1st chickens, barbed wire, and last image (wet cobblestone alley) get my votes for best. Thanks for sharing. Nancy and I are going, finally, in the Spring.

  4. i’m going! come hell or high water (or hurricane sandy, as the case may be) i’m going to ireland!!!! i <3 your work!

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