I took my first trip to Vermont recently to check out the changing leaves. I spent most of my time in the ski town of Stowe. You can take the ski lift to almost the top of Stowe Mountain and then continue hiking up if you have the guts. It was definitely the most challenging hike I’ve tried, getting to about 4,000 feet. I would have braved the extra 400 feet to the top if I didn’t think I would die in the process. Either way, the views were breathtaking and the leaves were at their peak.
If fall ever happens here in NYC, maybe I’ll share that too. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Vermont

  1. Images 2 and 9 are especially good. The contrast and consistency between an old (retired/abandoned) egg farm and the pumpkins (lined up in formation like the chicken coops) is striking. Nice. Aunt Nancy and I honeymooned in Vermont, in February, MANY years ago. I had a Minolta 410 Autopack camera. That was in a time when 35mm was for the “elites”.

  2. Haha, there’s no such thing as elite anymore.
    #3 is not waves. It’s the passage between 2 parts of the mountain that had become separated. Definitely the hairiest part of the hike.

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